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Making Work-From-Home Work! Stay comfy and stylish.

If you are working from home due to the recent global public health events, I hope you are healthy (physically, mentally, spiritually). Although it's tempting to be in our pajamas, house slippers and sweats all day, let's not. This is a unique opportunity to combine comfort and professionalism; comfort from the waist down, and professionalism, from the waist up. Think about all the fun you can have with that combo. I started a new fabulous job on March 30, after shelter-in-place orders where in full swing. For my first day on the job I sported a fabulous scalloped-hem cream color jacket (from the waist up), with gaucho silk lace-hem pajama pants, and puffy house slippers (from the waist down). I felt professional and comfortable, and I will admit, it also felt as if I was getting away with something that I wouldn't normally get away with. So, what I say to these shelter-in-place blues is this: have fun with it, mix it up, and show up in new ways. Stay safe!

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